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Emotional Contributors to BV and Yeast Infections: What Are Our Vaginas Telling Us About Ourselves?

Our vaginas serve as our voice of truth and power.

There is a direct connection between our mouth and yoni. In fact, the twin of our vagina is our mouth. What we speak to ourselves and others or hold back from speaking directly affects the health of our vagina. Our vaginas serve as an amazing ally to our path of healing, the wisdom of the body never fibs.

If we are stuffing down, hiding away our truth and diminishing our power, it is likely our vagina will tell us we are hurting ourselves through some sort of pain or imbalance in the pelvis. Examples of this are painful menstruation, urinary infections, painful sex, infections, HPV, herpes and the list goes on. The discomfort of imbalance down there serves as a strong message that something isn’t going quite right in our lives. It is up to us to decode what the voice of our vagina is telling us so we may make changes that get to the root of the issue.

There has been a lot of research done on the mind/body connection, and how our thoughts and emotions directly influence the state of our health. Physical symptoms get our attention in a loud way to correct the underlying emotional issue. If we approach our bodies with respect for the wisdom they offer us, we have the potential to listen to our body wisdom to get to the root cause of the physical symptoms. It is truly miraculous how our body temples serve as an ally to some of our greatest healing.

Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and Yeast infections are the most common vaginal infections. Most women will experience at least one of these infections in their lifetime.

Some women only have one BV or yeast infection during their life, they treat it and its the end of the story. Yet, for many women, they experience reoccurring or chronic infections but only continuously treat the physical symptoms, causing the infection to come back or never really go away. Our vaginas are communicating to us, healing on a deep level is needed. Merely treating the physical symptoms is not healing the root cause. You can be on a strict diet, exercise, take all the right herbs and still, an unhappy vagina. So, where do we go from here to heal and get to the root of things?

We listen to the voice of our vagina. We simply pay attention to her. We consciously bring our awareness to her. We say hello and we send our deep love and reverence to her. When we hear what she says, we take action on what she tells us. We are persistent with our listening and taking action. We devote ourselves to her, we serve our vagina as if she is the seat of our queendom. The wisdom that resides within our vagina is a gateway to our power. How ready are we to truly embody our power and infinite creative potential?

There are common emotional root causes among women who have chronic vaginal infections. Usually, it is unresolved trauma from the past being played out in the present to be held in love and healed. It can take a while to clearly hear the wisdom of our vaginas. If you don’t receive any messages at first, be patient. Here are some of the common emotional causes of vaginal infections; ask yourself the questions and feel what arises for you. If any question stirs up a lot of emotion, its something to spend more time with. These questions are followed by simple ways to enhance tuning into and listening to the voice of your vagina.

ANGER: What are you angry about? Were your boundaries crossed? Are you angry at your father, mother or ex partner for the way they treated you? Did you not have a voice as a child? What needs to be expressed in your current relationship? Your vagina burns, reddens, inflames when anger is being held and needs to be released. Anger can always be traced back to grief, usually long held grief from things that occurred when we were little girls. Are you angry at yourself for allowing yourself to play small? Are you angry at yourself for not having healthy boundaries, for allowing yourself to be used or abused?

UNSAFETY: Have you been abused? Were you not nurtured the way you needed to be as a child? Are you traumatized and projecting it into your current relationships? Do you feel like you have to protect yourself and have a shield up? How open in your heart? How open is your vagina to the pleasure of loving others, of receiving love from others? How vulnerable are you to share your truth? Is your voice open? Are your thighs, hips and the soles of your feet open to the earth? Do you receive your feminine power or play small in fear of how powerful you are? Are you sacred you will be hurt again if you open up to love and pleasure?

GUILT & SHAME: Are you being dishonest with yourself to not cause a problem for others around you? Are you living by other people’s expectations and just going along with how they are and how they want things to be? Do you feel bad when you speak your truth? Like you’ve done something really wrong? Are you a people pleaser? Do you put other people’s needs before your own often or all the time? How often are you taking time to love and nurture yourself? Are you submitting to the will of your partner during love making or do you openly and with vulnerability speak what you need? Are you holding back your truth? Are you staying silent while there is a need to let your truth be heard? Are you fearful of your sexual power and pleasure?

UNWORTHINESS: How much are you actually in your body? Do you touch yourself and speak to yourself with love? Do you delight in the beauty of who you are? Do you know that you deserve for your needs to be met? Do you feel you are worth whatever it takes to achieve your dreams and deepest desires? Do you trust your inner guidance as important? Are you able to speak up for yourself in the moment when something isn’t in alignment with your truth? Do you put yourself down?

Practices that support a woman in bringing herself into a state of listening and receiving the wisdom of her vagina can be very simple. Even just 10 minutes a day can change your life and begin the process of unraveling and healing the emotional causes of vaginal imbalance. In order to listen to the voice of your vagina, you must be present with her.

BREATH: The breath literally brings us into our body. Place one hand over your heart, the other hand over your vagina. Begin to deepen your breath, feeling your heart and chest rise & open as you breathe in and your presence in your belly/vagina deepen as you exhale. Continue to deepen and slow your breath, descending into your body. Allow your heart and vagina to connect. Begin to listen to your vagina. Ask her questions. Send her immense love and gratitude.

VAGINAL STEAMING: Vaginal steaming is an enjoyable and powerful way to release what we are holding onto as well as receive what we are calling into our lives. While making your steam, you may choose herbs for specific healing purposes as well as put your prayers into the water. When you are steaming, breathe in what you wish to create for yourself and breathe out what you are ready to let go of. Allow emotions to flow. Allow yourself to come into a place of listening. This is the perfect time to receive messages from your vagina, especially during and right after your vaginal steam.

SELF MASSAGE: Massaging your body opens your receptivity and gets the feminine energies flowing. Begin with your breasts to open your heart center. Breast Radiance Massage Oil works wonders for moving lymph and creating heart opening. Move down to your pelvis and womb with Blissful Womb massage oil. Feel your feminine centers open to receive the innate wisdom of your body. What does she tell you? What gifts are you ready to receive from yourself?

SELF PLEASURE: Its truly amazing what happens when a woman self pleasures herself with reverence and deep love for herself and her vagina. All the tension she is holding can release. The gateway of healing opens, and she enters the infinite void of creation and destruction. A woman can access the universal life force itself through her vagina. Adding pleasure to the mix, anything is possible. The veils thin, the union of heaven and earth becomes fully alive and present between her thighs. Listen to how your vagina wishes to be touched. What does she desire? Merge your pleasure with your intention for healing and creating, alchemical magic is available! Use this time to create with the messages your vagina tells you, how can you truly support and nourish yourself? Enjoy listening to your vagina! She will tell you the truth and support you in embodying your greatest creative potential. Through listening to our vaginas, we have the ability to access great wisdom and open doors of healing. Our vaginas naturally work to bring us into balance. When things are ‘off’ down there, we have the opportunity to pay attention, listen and take action to achieve a truer connection to self and our power.


Written by Emily Karnis of Sun Moon Apothecary. "Healing takes time and devotion. When we create space to pay attention to our bodies, bringing awareness, presence and love to ourselves, miracles can happen. May this information along with the products and services at Sun Moon Apothecary empower you to take healing into your own hands, rooting & rising in a deeper connection to self, truly uniting the mind & body to achieve a state of living in balance."

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