Vaginal Detox Steam

Vaginal Detox Steam


This herbal steam formula is designed to support a woman who is experiencing vaginal infections. It works to clear excess mucus, creating a vaginal environment where excess yeast and unbeneficial bacteria can not thrive. Detox your vagina of what is not serving you and restore balance.

Benefits/Uses: Relaxation. Increased moisture. Increased libido and sexual sensation. Heightened fertility. Release old endometrial lining. Circulation improvement. Regulates menstrual cycle. Decreased PMS symptoms. Reduced menstrual cramps. Balance vaginal microbial flora. Release sexual trauma. Dissolve ovarian fibroids and cysts. Water retention disbursement. Emotional balance and release. Skin beautification. Tightened and lifted vaginal canal. Scar softening. Postpartum support. Eases inflammation.

Ingredients: Honohono, Yarrow, Lavender, Hibiscus, Usnea, Peppermint, Calendula, Mugwort, Oregon Grape Root, White Sage.

Quantity: 2 oz or 4 oz.

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