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About Us

Sun Moon Apothecary’s products are designed to support a lifestyle of living in balance.
We live in a polarized reality: feminine/masculine, dark/light and earth/heaven.


Many ancient symbols depicting the path of the human journey symbolize balance: Yin and Yang, the Medicine Wheel, the Ouroboros, the Tree of Life, and the Ankh are all examples. The spiritual path of the human being is the path of balance. When we live in a state of balance, we are the living embodiment of union. The symbol for Sun Moon Apothecary is the Sun and Moon, which are the ultimate symbols of masculine and feminine working together in union and balance.


Sun Moon Apothecary offers organic & wildcrafted herbal remedies focusing on reproductive and sexual health for men and women. These products have previously not been available in health food and local product stores on the Hawaiian islands. With the rate of breast, cervical and prostate health issues so high, it is clear our bodies are calling us home to ourselves. Our reproductive and sexual health is the source of our creative energy and is connected to the universal life force that manifests everything into physical form. When these creative centers are healthy, open and in alignment with this universal life force, true transformational healing of the planet can occur! We are holograms; the state of our creative ecology is a direct reflection of the nature of earth’s ecology. Healing our reproductive and sexual energy is the revolution the world needs to bring true healing to our planet and unify humanity.


All of the herbs used in our products are organic or wildcrafted on the Big Island of Hawai’i.

The herbs in our massage oils and salves are infused in organic olive oil by the light of the sun and moon. We offer the highest quality herbal remedies. Our products provide women with remedies to heal chronic imbalances, that otherwise would require the administration of medicine from naturopaths and other sources that are expensive.


At Sun Moon Apothecary, we lovingly handcraft body wellness products designed to help women and men cultivate a deeper presence within their bodies, create a lifestyle of living in balance, as well as nurture the physical body while cultivating loving self~care practices.




Sun Moon Apothecary Founder

& Reproductive Health Specialist

My path of healing with herbs and the art of self~care began when I was initiated into a series of chronic health imbalances within my reproductive system along with spiritual and emotional distress, all of which affected my quality of life and pleasure. Through this initiation, my passion for healing ignited and I began studying women’s health, herbalism, ancestral healing and womb healing. It was then that I was able to slowly heal the root causes of my imbalances through the feminine art of self~care, herbal crafting, and mending the spirit/body disconnect. I welcomed myself home to my body.


I began to notice that there were limited products available for men and women to support the practice of self~care, specifically with a focus on reproductive and sexual health. I also recognized there was a need for readily available natural remedies for chronic imbalances that actually worked! I began to develop products that had been helpful during my journey of healing as well as new products I wish had been available to me during my health challenges.


I am confident Sun Moon Apothecary’s products will support everyone on their path of healing. Healing takes time and devotion. When we create space to pay attention to our bodies, bringing awareness, presence and love to ourselves, miracles happen. May Sun Moon Apothecary's products empower you to take healing into your own hands, rooting and rising in a deeper connection to self, truly uniting spirit and body to achieve a state of living in balance.

Emily Shekinah Kaye is a Certified Women’s Reproductive & Sexual Health Herbal Educator, Certified Peristeam (Vaginal Steam) Facilitator, Certified Womb Awakening Facilitator & Mentor and an initiated Spirit Medium in the tradition of the Shona people of Zimbabwe.

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