Do you completely trust love?

Are you fully open to the orgasmic pleasure of life?

Are you ready to release stories of pain and rebirth yourself into a higher octave of love? 

Do you have reoccurring vaginal infections, you've tried everything & they still come back?

Are your menstrual cycles painful?

Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Do you struggle with addictive behaviors? 

Have you been physically, emotionally and/or sexually abused


Reclaim the sovereignty of your womb & sexual energy!

Release patterns of shame & guilt!

Increase your sensuality & sexual pleasure! 

Heal trauma of the past!

Liberate the wild woman within!

Clear ancestral patterns




Together, we will get to the root of imbalance and create a self~care plan unique to you.
We will talk story about your history, beginning as a child in your mother’s womb up until the present moment. We’ll discuss all faucets of being human; mind, body and spirit. We’ll focus on lifestyle, the connection of the mind & body and potential history of physical, emotional and/or sexual trauma. Most importantly, through our consultations together you will receive the support you crave to live the life you truly desire. Your dreams will begin to manifest and all that may have been holding you back will fall away. This is a rebirthing process, you are worthy of the deep well of longings in your heart.
Now is the time to be all you desire and meet your goals!


1 hour phone call/skpe session.

Reproductive & Sexual Health Consultations

Reproductive & Sexual Health Consultations

Womb Wellness Mentorship

Womb Wellness Mentorship



A 3 month commitment to the feminine pathway of healing & temple arts, consciously working with the creation of life within you, your precious womb.


Together, we’ll explore the infinite depths of your unique soul song and your authentic blueprint of creation. We will embrace the shadows of your past & lineage as gateways of healing. I’ll support you in your choice of dissolving limiting patterns and beliefs, to be the woman you deeply desire to be. I am here to hold you as you set yourself free! 


Womb journeying, ritual, body movement, meditation and self~care practices will be emphasized throughout our time working together. We will meet bi-weekly for 3 months and I will be available for communication in between our sessions. Our time together is guided by you, created for you. Custom self~care products are included in your Womb Wellness Mentorship including: yoni steam formulas and yoni steam plan, flower essences and massage oils. 


Contact me for your first complimentary phone call to get started!


1 hour phone call/skpe session.

Womb Journeys

Womb Journeys



Our wombs contain the answers and mysteries to our personal path of healing and embodiment.

A woman opens to the wisdom of her womb when she consciously enters into this portal. True revelations and miracles occur. Womb journeys are helpful for those who are seeking greater connection to their feminine energy & ancestral lineage as well as answers to big questions in life. This is for women who desire profound, deep healing on an emotional, energetic and sexual level, establishing overall greater pleasure of life, connection to yourself and the immense power of your womb.


1 hour phone call/skpe session.

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