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“Emily was such a sweet soul on my womb awakening path. As my mentor, she created space for all of who I was and my experiences of my spiraling through the feminine mysteries. Her kind and grounded presence was so affirming, as she provided unconditional positive regard that allowed me to feel so safe and trusting with our first virtual meeting. I felt seen, heard and validated. Her intuitive insight and guidance allowed me to drop deeper into these very same qualities within myself. I highly recommend her!”

~ C. Aanya



“I started working with Emily because I needed help navigating through some recent trauma I had experienced. She has a very sweet nurturing spirit, I felt like I could trust and open up to her right from the beginning. She is insightful and professional. When we met she helped me learn yoga flows that helped open my body up to the various emotions coming through and helped guide me through them. She was very accommodating and really listened to what I had to say. Thank you Emily for your guidance”

~ A. Murphy


“Emily is a sweet, bright soul. I joined in several of the red tent moon lodges that she guided throughout the past thirteen new moons. She created a warming space to experience sisterhood through songs, dance, sharing and meditations. During these journeys, Emily opened realms for diving deep into the softness of my womb space. Her facilitation helped me to remember and nurture this place of deep guidance. I thank Emily for her gentle reminders to steady my balance and the roots within my Self.”

~ K. Becker

“Emily Kaye brings love and healing to women’s sacred feminine womb space. She has a natural gift of healing through the intuitive gentle practices she offers to women. I always felt deeply connected to my body and my sisters through her guidance. The 3 hours we spent together each new moon kept me grounded in my power as a women through the month. I felt we were doing healing work for our bodies and for all women of the world. Tuning into my womb space while guided by Emily’s soft, nurturing, and grounded meditation journeys transformed the way I feel about my body. I feel more whole and empowered in my sacred femininity. Thank you, Emily.”

~ A. Willoughby



"I never realized how much my womb was yearning for love and attention until I met Emily. She helped me reconnect with my womb space and honor myself as the powerful woman and carrier of wisdom and deep knowing I am. I began to listen to my womb and heal the wounds that were asking to be healed. With Emily's nurturing guidance and beautiful ability to hold sacred space, I now feel more connected to myself, to my womb, and to my life's path. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Emily in any way, do it! She is a true gift to this world."

~L. Taylor

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