Blissful Womb Oil

Blissful Womb Oil


Blissful Womb Oil is crafted to support circulation & presence within a woman’s pelvis. A woman’s womb is like a chalice, she may be filled or emptied according to her relationship with her womb. If a woman does not take time to periodically empty her chalice, tension builds up resulting in reproductive and sexual imbalance.


Massaging the pelvis & womb supports a woman in emptying herself of tension and stagnation. This simple act of self~care can prevent & reverse the most common forms of pelvic, sexual and reproductive distress. When there is regular movement of energy in the pelvis, circulation is healthy & a woman receives fresh oxygen to all her pelvic organs.  


Specific herbs and essential oils were selected to open the gates of receptivity and healing, bringing balance to the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a woman’s womb. This product is a wonderful ally in balancing hormones for support in an easeful moon time and increasing fertility.

Benefits/Uses: Painful / Irregular menstruation. Fertility & Conception challenges. Postpartum recovery. C - section / Hysterectomy surgery recovery. Difficult Perimenopause & Menopause. Endometriosis. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Chronic bladder / Yeast infections. Pelvic organ / Bladder prolapse. Ovarian cysts & Uterine fibroids.

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil infused with Motherwort, Rose blossoms, Damiana, Calendula, Comfrey Leaf, Yarrow, Saint John’s Wort, Ginger / Clary Sage / Geranium Essential Oil, Vitamin E Oil

Quantity: 2 oz.

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