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Instructions for Postpartum Sitz Bath

Instructions for Self~Care Postpartum Sitz Bath:

This self care practice is intended for use with Postpartum Sitz Bath from Sun Moon Apothecary.

For mothers who have just given birth, this sitz bath will soothe and calm inflammation and soreness. Repairs and speeds tissue healing. Tightens and supports the lifting of the vaginal canal. Prevents infection of stitches and tears. Offer yourself this self~care treatment, your body and spirit will say 'thank you!' Perfect for 4th trimester self~care.


  • Bring 2 quarts of water to a boil.

  • Turn off heat, add 1 oz. (a large handful) of herbal blend into pot.

  • Take off heat & infuse herbs with lid on for 30 minutes.

  • Strain the liquid & add the liquid to a bathtub or sitz bath basin.

  • Optional, add 1/2 cup unrefined sea salt.

  • Before soaking, test for temperature comfort.

Soak once or twice a day for 3 - 5 days after birth. If you have stitches soak once a day.


Written by Emily Karnis of Sun Moon Apothecary. "Healing takes time and devotion. When we create space to pay attention to our bodies, bringing awareness, presence and love to ourselves, miracles happen. May this information along with the products and services at Sun Moon Apothecary empower you to take healing into your own hands, rooting & rising in a deeper connection to self, truly uniting the mind & body to achieve a state of living in balance."


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