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Instructions for Self~Care Breast Massage

Instructions for Self~Care Breast Massage:

This massage is intended for use with our Breast Radiance Oil from Sun Moon Apothecary.

  • Rub your palms together to warm them; apply massage oil.

  • Cup both breasts in your hands, soften your heart and offer deep unconditional love to yourself.

  • Place your fingers between your nipples, gently massaging your left nipple, then switch to your right nipple.

  • Now massage both nipples at the same time. Feel the radiance of your breasts.

  • Begin to massage breasts, stroking upward on the inside of the breasts and stroking down on the outside of the breasts in a circular movement.

  • Let your breasts know it is safe to release any tension and emotions.

  • Begin to move in the opposite direction, flowing down the inside of your breasts and up the outside of your breasts in a circular movement.

  • Feel your love expand and visualize what you want to create in your life that will nourish and support you.

  • Finish by moving up into the lymphatic area of the upper chest, the collar bone/thymus area and inner armpit with gentle strokes.

  • Massage under the neck, the sides of the throat and up to the base of the ear.

When to massage:

Daily self~care breast massage keeps lymph moving for radiant breasts & optimal health.

When not to massage:

Immediately after breast surgery, wait until you are cleared by your doctor for massage. You experience intense pain or discomfort during the self~care massage that does not reduce in time with continued massage.


Encourages lymphatic flow

Releases toxins held in the breasts

Promotes healthy breast tissue

Releases tension & held emotions

Preventative for breast cancer

Dissolves benign cysts

Supports breast feeding

Promotes firmness, preventing sagging


Written by Emily Karnis of Sun Moon Apothecary. "Healing takes time and devotion. When we create space to pay attention to our bodies, bringing awareness, presence and love to ourselves, miracles can happen. May this information along with the products and services at Sun Moon Apothecary empower you to take healing into your own hands, rooting & rising in a deeper connection to self, truly uniting the mind & body to achieve a state of living in balance."

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