Sun Moon Apothecary empowers people to take healing into their own hands through the art of self~care & herbal remedies. 

We have the ability to heal ourselves. The greatest preventative action for imbalance we can take is to practice the art of self~care. When we confidently take healing into our own hands and hearts,

miracles can happen. 

The art of self~care is a powerful pathway to mending the mind/body split and to releasing distressing emotions and energetic blockages.

At Sun Moon Apothecary, we lovingly handcraft body wellness products designed to help women and men cultivate a deeper presence within their bodies, specializing in reproductive, sexual and sensual wellness.


Our ingredients are organic, wildcrafted

and are locally sourced from Hawaii whenever possible.


When our creative centers are healthy,

open and in alignment with universal life force,

true transformational healing of the planet can occur!


We are holograms, the state of our creative ecology is a direct reflection of the nature of earth’s ecology. Healing our reproductive and sexual energy is the revolution the world needs to bring true healing to our planet and unify humanity.


Visit the Sun Moon Apothecary blog for more resourceful information on sexual and reproductive healing as part of living a life in balance. 


"I never realized how much my womb was yearning for love and attention

until I met Emily. She helped me to reconnect with my womb space, honor myself as a powerful woman and carrier of wisdom & deep knowing as well as heal the wounds that were asking to be healed. With Emily's nurturing guidance and beautiful ability to hold sacred space, I now feel more connected to myself, to my womb, and to my life's path. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Emily in any way, do it! She is a true gift to this world."

~L. Taylor


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