Reproductive & Sexual Health Consultations


Reproductive & Sexual Health Consultations


Together, we will get to the root of imbalance and create a self~care plan unique to you. We will talk story about your history, beginning as a child in your mother’s womb up until the present moment. We’ll discuss all faucets of being human; mind, body and spirit. We’ll focus on lifestyle, the connection of the mind & body and potential history of physical, emotional and/or sexual trauma. Most importantly, through our consultations together you will receive the support you crave to live the life you truly desire. Your dreams will begin to manifest and all that may have been holding you back will fall away. This is a rebirthing process, you are worthy of the deep well of longings in your heart. Now is the time to be all you desire and meet your goals! 


1 hour phone call/skype session.


Price: $60


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