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Prostate Massage: Increase Pleasure, Prevent Issues & Reduce Symptoms of Existing Prostate Disorders

Emily giving abdominal prostate massage
Sun Moon Apothecary Healthy Prostate Oil

Healthy Prostate Oil was crafted to support the reproductive and sexual health of men. Men’s prostates go through different stages throughout a lifetime. At around the age of 50, a man’s prostate naturally begins to enlarge, which can result in discomfort and major health problems. Healthy Prostate Oil is an effective preventative measure for prostate & erectile problems, it’s even so effective it can help prevent prostate cancer. It is also helpful for men currently experiencing prostate distress, especially during early stages.


So What Exactly is the Prostate and What Does it Do?

The prostate gland’s primary function is to produce seminal fluid, the main substance of semen. This fluid nourishes sperm and keeps the urethra lubricated, keeping harmful bacteria out. The prostate is a donut shaped gland located between the bladder and the root of the penis. A tube runs through the hole of the prostate, carrying urine and semen out of the body through the urethra. The prostate pumps semen into the urethra during orgasm. The prostate also ensures urine and sperm keep moving in the proper direction. A healthy prostate is roughly the size of a walnut.

Around the age of 50, hormonal changes begin to occur causing the number of cells in the prostate to increase, thus the size of the prostate naturally increases as well. For many men, this natural enlargement of the prostate does not cause any issues. It is completely natural and normal for the male reproductive system to change with age. However, prostate issues are common, with prostate cancer being the second most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer death in American men. BPH, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, is the most common prostate problem. Prostatitis, inflammation of the prostate, affects half of all men at least once in their lives. Erectile Dysfunction also becomes more common with aging due to changes in blood flow to the penis.


Symptoms of a Prostate Disorder

If you experience any of these symptoms, get your prostate checked out by a qualified health care provider as soon as possible.

  • Frequent urge to urinate

  • Urinary hesitancy, with decreased urinary flow

  • Urinary Retention or difficulty urinating

  • Need to get up many times during the night to urinate

  • Incontinence, the lack of control of urine flow

  • Dribbling of urine

  • Blood in urine or semen

  • Pain or burning urination

  • Painful ejaculation

  • Frequent pain or stiffness in lower abdomen, lower back, upper thighs, hips, and general pelvic region including the groin, scrotum, testes and penis.

As our bodies change with time, it is important to work with our body to support optimal health as we age. Prostate issues are a sensitive subject among men. The health of the reproductive system is key to well being, pleasure and men’s confidence. When a man takes time to care for his prostate, he takes healing into his own hands. It has been scientifically shown that prostate massage helps reduce the risk of prostate cancer!


Emily giving abdominal prostate massage

Benefits of Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is one of the most effective methods for ensuring prostate health. Massage gets movement of energy to the prostate, increasing circulation of blood to the prostate and waste removing lymph away from the prostate. Prostate massage may be used as a preventative measure for prostate problems as well as to reduce symptoms if you already have prostate distress.

  • Reduces early stages of prostate swelling

  • Urinary voiding & Flow problems

  • Prostatitis (mild)

  • Impotence / Erectile dysfunction

  • Fertility & Conception challenges

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Preventative for prostate cancer

  • Increased pleasure


Types of Prostate Massage

There are three effective types of prostate massages that we will review. It is best to start with the abdominal prostate massage and the direct external prostate massage before going into direct internal prostate massage. This will support you in getting acquainted with your prostate and taking things slow. Our bodies love it when we take things slow during self~care, it allows us to soften and open fully.

Before beginning your massage, take time to relax and calm the mind. Lay down, breathing deeply in & out. Place one hand over your heart & one hand over your pelvis. Continue to breathe deeply, expanding your heart center & intentionally connecting your heart & prostate.

Sun Moon Apothecary Healthy Prostate Oil

Healthy Prostate Massage Oil is crafted to supply your prostate with herbs and essential oils well known to benefit prostate health and reduce symptoms of prostate distress. Turmeric Root, Comfrey Leaf, Saw Palmetto, Saint John’s Wort, Echinacea Root, Nettle Root, Ginger / Frankincense Essential Oil and Vitamin E Oil are the ingredients to this special formula. Your prostate will love it!


Abdominal Prostate Massage

This massage is rooted in the Mayan culture, the technique has become well known through the Arvigo Techniques of Mayan Abdominal Therapy.


  • Rub your palms together to warm them, apply Healthy Prostate Massage Oil.

  • Place your two hands together, index fingers side by side, with the thumbs tucked behind.

  • Place your fingers where your public bone meets in the middle of your pelvis.

  • Starting from your pubic bone, apply pressure using your fingertips and slide onto the soft tissue of your belly, stroking up to your navel, gently shaking the tissue from side to side.

  • Massage slowly, pressing as deeply as comfortable.

  • Repeat this massage movement from public bone to navel for 1 minute.

  • Focus on your breath, stroking upwards on your exhale.


Direct External Prostate Massage


  • Rub your palms together to warm them, apply Healthy Prostate Massage Oil.

  • Locate your perineum, between your anus and testicles.

  • Hold your testicles to the side, keeping them in one place.

  • Begin to use circular movements with gentle pressure on your perineum.

  • Try soft, gentle strokes from the base of your testicles, down to the edge of the anus and back.

  • Experiment with the amount of pressure that works well for you.


Internal Prostate Massage

This technique is also known as milking the prostate, which serves as a way to relieve symptoms of prostate distress and expand a man’s pleasure. The prostate is known as the male G-spot, allowing a man to experience a full body orgasm. Why is that? The prostate contains an abundance of nerve endings, similar to a clitoris! The prostate can serve as a gateway of much greater pleasure in a man’s life if he is willing to be vulnerable with himself and/or a partner. How exciting!

The prostate is located 2-3 inches inside the anus. It is helpful to be aroused when doing internal prostate massage because the prostate swells when a man is turned on. This massage is wonderful to share with a partner.


  • First, start with clean hands and make sure your bowels are empty.

  • Begin by bringing yourself into a state of arousal.

  • Apply Healthy Prostate Massage Oil around your anus taking the time to wake up the nerve endings through gentle rubbing of the anus.

  • Once you feel you’ve begun to open and are in a state of pleasure, add more oil if needed to make sure your pointer finger is well lubed up. If you are extra sensitive to essential oils then use coconut oil for your lubricant.

  • Insert your finger very slowly into your anus, up to the first knuckle, continuing to keep yourself aroused by touching your penis. If it feels like you need more oil, pull your finger out and apply more oil.

  • Continue to stimulate your penis as you gently enter your anus further with your finger, to the second knuckle of your finger now.

  • Keep pleasuring yourself and slowly insert your finger further until you feel your prostate. It will feel like a little lump 2-3 inches inside your anus, up towards the root of your penis.

  • Once your finger has located your prostate, simultaneously continue to stimulate your penis as you gently press on the prostate.

  • Explore with the amount of pressure and the technique of pressing that feels best for you. Continue for as long as feels good for you or until you have a full body prostate orgasm.


Get to Know Your Prostate

Taking time to massage the prostate improves the quality and vitality of men’s sexuality and lives. It is a way to prevent potential prostate cancer and prostate issues. It opens men into deeper connection to their bodies, deeper pleasure and instills the good habit of self~care. Explore yourself, free yourself, love yourself and your whole being will be thankful.

If you enjoyed this article, we recommend trying Healthy Prostate Massage Oil. Massaging the prostate enables a man to keep good circulation flowing to this area, which will keep his sexual, reproductive and urinary health optimal during the later years of life. It is best to begin this massage before symptoms of distress arise or immediately upon symptoms. This act of self~care massage can also be shared with another person and make for more fun and intimacy in the bedroom.

Man caressing abdomen adorned with orchid flowers and showcasing Healthy Prostate Massage Oil

Emily, owner of Sun Moon Apothecary, with a warm smile

"Healing takes time and devotion. When we create space to pay attention to our bodies, bringing awareness, presence and love to ourselves, miracles can happen. May this information along with the products and services at Sun Moon Apothecary empower you to take healing into your own hands, rooting & rising in a deeper connection to self, truly uniting the mind & body to achieve a state of living in balance."


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